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Click Here to hear about Cassie - one of the Christian Martyrs in the Littledon Shooting in RealAudio

Just a few days ago, a wave of shock met the United States of America, and the rest of the world as never before. The news of the Littleton Massacre with its horrific mass murder scheme makes us all contemplate: What in the world is happening to the sick, bent and twisted people on our planet. Ė Or better phrased Ė What in Hell is happening. We cannot but deny that something has gone awfully wrong. Being the sixth time in two years when an American school exploded in deadly gunfire, we cannot but help and wonder where this demonic blaze of violence will move next. The time has come for us to ask questions, and DO SOMETHING about this killing craze that is consuming our once schoolmates and our once tranquil schools. One cannot help but wonder what could possibly occur in the near future. Ė The images of your friends in your own school, drenched in blood, crying out in agony as fellow blood crazed students brutally fire at them, hiding under desks, shaking in terror, may actually be on your TV in the near future. Despite the sickening images that have filled our newspapers, I would like to encourage you, - THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR OUR NATIONS, THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR OUR WORLD!!

We canít change the past, but thank God that with his help we can change the future. If we are committed enough, WE CAN DO IT WITH JESUS!!

Many right now are blaming the lack of gun laws as the reason for this great loss of lives and wounding to America. Although I personally think that the restriction of guns for teenagers would be a good idea, itís not the root of the problem. To dig down to the root of the problem one must look back into the haze of History. A certain journalist, (I forget his name, so Iíll call him John), did research into why crime has risen so sharply in the latter part of this century. His findings were noteworthy!! If you asked someone what they thought the causes of crime are, I bet you could get a whole list like, poverty, racism, ect. John found that although that these factors did have some effect on crime rise and fall, they did not affect historyís graph of crime, like that of Religion. John found that when there was lack of religion, crime rose and when there was vibrant Religion, crime went down. For example, after the Great Awakening(revival) in America, crime went down. Now its very easy for all the atheists to put blinkers on us and declare the lack of gun laws are the reason for Littleton massacre, but the REAL REASON is that America has turned itís back on God and the darkness out there has some pretty nasty consequences.

NOTE: The freedom to protect yourself and your family is a sacred freedom, one that must not be parted with. In fact in places where citizens are forced required to have a gun, there is little crime.

The time has come or us to "turn from our wicked ways, God will come and restore our land". Now you may be sitting behind that computer screen of yours thinking, what a daft guy, doesnít he know that he is speaking to Christians, who would never do such demonically inspired deeds.

DIDDO!!!!!!! Let me just tell you that if we carry on polluting our minds and compromising with sin, we may one day be in Eric Harris and Dylan Kleboldsí position. You see, if you open your mind to godless movies, such as Scream, The Basketball Diaries, and even other Ďharmlessí movies which are rated for younger audiences, which us Christianís go and watch regularly, with all their sex, gore and language, we will not only be compromising our own relationship with God, but also encouraging Hollywood to train more KILLERS in our local towns cinema. Letís not put up with computer and videogames that train us to kill policemen, steal cars and tonís of other sickening stuff.

Donít say "Itís just a movie" Ė after three decades of denying that violent films and television beget violence, the American Psychological Association recently concluded that in the U.S., violent Films and TV programs were creating violence because their content had become so viciously graphic.

Why do you call yourself a Christian??

  • Cause your friends are?
  • Cause your parents are?
  • Cause you go to church?
  • Or Cause you have met Jesus and have a personal relationship with him?

If you answer was any of the first three, I have something to say to you - GET A LIFE (in a cool nice way - see below)

Knowing Jesus and living for him is one of the most exciting things in your life!! And if you donít know Jesus, get to know him, - he WILL change your life as you know it!!!

Now if we really are living life to the full for Jesus, we would want to give the films, music and TV programs a KICK which give God a KICK! There is tonís of cool music, and videos that are really cool and wholesome.

ÖÖand donít just do that!! Get involved in our societyís plight of hopelessness and show them that there is a right, a wrong, and that we didnít evolve, we are not just animals!! Get educated on topics like creation and find out that Genesis is not just a myth,- itís scientific.

Live life to the fullest with God. Donít get lead in your back while youíre not expecting it Ė swim against the tide, and if enough people do it, we will eventually change the tide.

Most written by Stephen Isaac.

Click Here to hear about Cassie - one of the Christian Martyrs in the Littledon Shooting in RealAudio

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