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You can't do it by yourself !!

- What a bringdown for us teens, we like to think that we are self sufficient and are able to achieve the impossible.

We favour those things we do ourselves over those done by others. A problems exists if we want to have this mentality in our relationship with Jesus.

Jesus has paid the price for our freedom !!

He died in our place !!

He suffered torture in our place !!

He gave us a free gift if we are just willing to recieve it - freedom on earth, eternal life in heaven and the ability to have a personal relationship with Christ our maker !!

So often I think that I have to do something to recieve Gods love.

We have to do NOTHING except recieve Gods free gift and let him live in our daily lives.

So often we feel as if we have to do good deeds to recieve Gods gift. WE DON'T !! Its a gift that God wants to give to his Children because he loves them so so so so much. If we would realise God's enveloping love over us, we would not be afraid to ask God to do things.

In whaterver context !!

When we have a realisation of Gods Love in our life, we rely on him, we no longer rely on our own intuition and intelligence, we let God do it using us.

A personal testimony of my own - I have just arrived back from a Wonderful camp called Soul Survivor. There were 6000 people there. The worship was so, so wonderful and God worked in his power touching many. I went on Soul Survivor, and came back revived in God, because it made me realise that you have to just accept Gods Gift and give his your life - He WILL do the rest.

Don't Strive - It's God that paid the price - NOT You !!