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Ken Ham Director of AIG Picture linked from AIG website



"Praise the Lord! Creation Museum to go ahead - judge dismisses lawsuit by museum opponents!" - from AIG

'Answers in Genesis', a scientific, biblical based organisation has been given the go ahead with the new Creation Science Museum, after legal opposition and difficulties.

The new museum, which will offer new hope and a scientific alternative to all whose belief in the flawed theory of evolution is wavering. Ken Ham, director of AIG states in the AIG News Release, "We look forward now to building our museum, a facility that will offer an alternative view to the evolutionary indoctrination that is found in almost all natural history museums in America."

Ken Ham AiG's Executive Director, Mike Zovath AiG's General Manager, and Board member John Pence share an inside look at what this pivitol ruling means - Listen in REALAUDIO

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